All My Friends Are Right Here 061 – 90s Spider-Man and X-men Cartoons


We’ve got an embarrassment of superhero movie riches now, so ALL MY FRIENDS ARE HERE to look back at the two cartoons that first got us into superheroes: the 90s X-men and Spider-Man animated series!

Join Chris, Vince, and Richard as they remember the great storylines of the X-Men animated series and how they managed to pack Apocalypse and Days of Future Past into the first season.  Also, does Wolverine love Morph more than he loves Jean Grey?

Meanwhile, Vince recounts how the Spider-Man series quickly went off the deep-end as Mary Jane’s clone joined a Dormammu cult and Spider-Man teamed up with Spider-Men from alternate dimensions to fight a Spider-Man possessed by the Carnage symbiote!

This episode gets especially nerdy.

MP3 (48 MB):

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