All My Friends Are Right Here 065 – I Hate the TV & Movies That My Kid Loves


In honor of Father’s Day, our panel of expert parents share the TV and movies their kids love that they hate.  Join us for a cathartic episode where our parent friends unload on how much they hate Caillou and Thomas the Tank Engine and Toodles!

Sometimes we hate how the main character is a whiny brat.  Sometimes we hate the premise of the whole world wondering things like why is a science teacher relying on his 4th-grade students for lesson plans and how can Caillou’s family afford that house on a single income?

Also, to balance out all the negativity, our panel explains the things they do like and the things they wished their kids did like.

For those of you don’t have kids, this episode will give you all the things you need to avoid.  And for those of you that don’t want kids, this episode will re-affirm that you made the right decision.


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