All My Friends Are Right Here 055 – EGOT Odds


When you’re talking prestigious awards, it doesn’t get much better than the EGOT — the quadruple crown consisting of an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony. Only a handful of artists and performers have ever pulled it off.

So, who is the most likely to join the hallowed halls of Whoopi and enter into this exclusive club?

On this week’s episode, the guys will compare artists who have three of the awards and determine who has the best shot at pulling off the EGOT. Along the way, they’ll ask difficult questions like: Should Elton John write a House of Cards spec script? Would Geoffrey Rush be a better front man for Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts than Russell Crowe? And why isn’t Lin-Manuel Miranda president yet?


All My Friends Are Right Here 050 – The 1996 Academy Awards: 20 Years Later


On this very special 50th episode, all my friends are taking a look at the Academy Awards from 20 years ago!

Also: Did Braveheart really deserve to win Best Picture?  How was Toy Story not nominated for Best Picture?  Is A Little Princess a lost Alfonso Cuaron classic? Is Randy Newman the Roger Deakins of the Best Original Song category?


AMFARH 006 – The Academy Awards (20 Years Later)

Oscar season is here, and to celebrate the guys are looking back 20 years to the 67th Academy Awards.

They’ll hand out the hardware with awards like Most Dated Film and Biggest Snub, as well as tackle some burning questions: Is Forrest Gump a good movie? Who had the better 1994 – Elton John or Jim Carrey? Are we giving Speed enough credit?