Saturday Night Love S42E05 – Benedict Cumberbatch


This week, SNL is hosted by one of the sexiest men alive?

Topics Covered: How did Aidy Bryant get that role as the dead bachelorette who gets face-humped by Benedict Cumberbatch? How great is Cecily Strong doing this year? And Vince is confronted with the possibility that Church Lady was never funny.


Also, get out there and vote!

Best Sketch of the Night: Why is Benedict Cumberbatch Hot? (sorry, not on YouTube!)

Some of My Friends Read Comics 040 – Doctor Strange: The Oath


Doctor Strange is almost here! If the trailers are to be believed, Marvel’s next movie is going to have us unwrapping our minds, opening them up to new possibilities.

We figured we’d better get some practice with that, so we read a Doctor Strange miniseries from 2007 called The Oath written by frenemy of the show, Brian K. Vaughan, and drawn by Marcos Martin.

Join us to find out which otherworldly horror we’re getting tattoos of!