Some of My Friends Read Comics 156 – Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Pt. 2 + Amazing Spider-Man #9

It’s a busy episode! We’re reading Volume 2 of Ed Brubaker’s Winter Soldier run on Captain America where we see those dastardly Russians fill Bucky’s brain with lies!

There’s also a House of M tie-in issue in the middle which we went ahead and red as well.

Then we end things with the debut of Electro in Amazing Spider-Man #9. Thankfully, J. Jonah Jameson also returns to the series after taking a month off.

MP3 (direct download):

Next Time: Black Widow: Web of Intrigue (Marvel Fanfare #10-13, Bizarre Adventures #25)

Some of My Friends Read Comics 116 – Marvel 1602, Pt. 1 + Marvels #0


Back in the 1600s, there were apparently superheroes in England. I don’t know because I wasn’t there, but I will take Neil Gaiman’s word for it.

He wrote about Marvel 1602 in an 8-issue miniseries that very strangely seems to parallel the Marvel Universe we are already familiar with. We read the first 4 issues and then we started our long read of Marvels with issue #0, which takes place in the 40s.

So much history! My head hurts.


Next Time: Marvel 1602 #5-8  + Marvels #1