Some of My Friends Read Comics 196 – Super Mario Manga Mania + Knightfall #3

As one of Japan’s most popular characters, of course Mario would have his own manga. It’s been running for 30 years but somehow it just got its first English translation in 2020 with a greatest hits compilation called Super Mario Manga Mania.

And you can’t get a digital copy anywhere. This is the comic that finally broke the show. Nevertheless we persevere.

And of course we also read the next chapter of the Knightfall saga in Batman #493 in which Zsasz threatens to slice up a bunch of people, and Batman is just plain tired.


Next Time: Wolverine and the X-Men #1-4 by Jason Aaron & Chris Bachalo

All My Friends Are Right Here 052 – Planning Our Funerals


The name of the show is ALL MY FRIENDS ARE RIGHT HERE, but someday, all my friends will not be here.  Because they will be dead.

On this episode, we express our wishes for our funerals.  Our last wills and testaments.  What celebrity guest would we want to sing at our funeral?  What would it be like if Gallagher delivered our eulogies?  Do we want our wives or girlfriends to re-marry, and if so, is Taye Diggs available?

Also, find out how many times Richard has watched the entire run of Scrubs.  Spoiler alert: It’s more than 1 dozen, but less than 3 dozen.