Some of My Friends Read Comics 094 – Batman: A Death in the Family + Secret Wars 4


In 1988, DC Comics urged the American people to exercise their right to vote by calling a 900 number and deciding the fate of Robin #2, Jason Todd.

The people were not kind to Jason.

We read “Batman: A Death in the Family” from issues 426-429 by Jim Aparo & Jim “Infinity” Starlin. Does anybody actually call him that? Anyways, this book doesn’t get very cosmic, but we do get the Joker/Ayatollah team-up we didn’t know we needed.

All this, plus Secret Wars #4!


Next Time: The Death of Superman!

Some of My Friends Read Comics 005 – Captain America by Jim Steranko

Ready for some trippy 60’s comic book art? We sure are, and you can bet your American flag that Steve Rogers is too! For only three issues in 1969, Jim Steranko infused Captain America with a dose of Salvador Dali and delivered some of the coolest, most surreal, early Marvel issues we’ve ever seen.

Join us as we talk about the (first) time Cap faked his own death in Captain America 110, 111, and 113.

After the break, check out some more of Steranko’s amazing art!

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