Some of My Friends Read Comics 093 – Remembering Stan Lee + Secret Wars 3

With the passing of Stan Lee, we took a look back at some of his classic origin stories in Fantastic Four #1, Amazing Fantasy #15 and Avengers #1.

We celebrated this legend’s life the only way we knew how: debating what credit he should actually receive and how much should go to Ditko & Kirby.

Then we continued Secret Wars with issue 3 in which lots of stuff maybe happened. Blink and you’ll miss it!


Next Time: Batman: A Death in the Family (Batman 426-429)

Some of My Friends Read Comics 082 – Fantastic Four 57-60: Dr. Doom Steals the Silver Surfer’s Powers + Crisis 3


Doctor Doom loves to steal powers!

After touching on it in our last episode, we wanted to see more of his crazy schemes, so we went back to Fantastic Four 57-60 from the mid 1960s to watch him steal the Silver Surfer’s cosmic powers.

Ol’ Stan and Jack really had a good time with this one.

We also continued our read of Crisis on Infinite Earths with issue #3 which is getting slightly easier to understand. Slightly.


Next Time: FF (2012) #4-8 – “Fantastic Faux”

Some of My Friends Read Comics 060 – Spider-Man & the Sinister Six


It’s a tale as old as time. Or the 60’s, really.

Spider-Man’s villains all team up to fight him. They call themselves the Sinister Six because it sounds cool (alliteration is ALWAYS cool). Then they have a million reunions because Spider-Man’s not dead yet and why not?

We read the first two incarnations of the Sinister Six in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 and then in issues #334-339.

Come for the rogues’ gallery, stay for Aunt May and Doc Ock flirting.


Next time: The Tick!

Some of My Friends Read Comics 025 – Not Brand Echh


It’s April Fools Day and Chris played one hell of an unintentional prank on us by choosing Not Brand Echh for this week’s episode.

We read the first three issues of Stan Lee’s 1967 attempt to make a Marvel comedy magazine and, to be honest, we had a pretty great time ripping this thing to shreds while searching for any jokes.

It also gave us a great chance to talk about a bunch of other funny comics that are actually worth reading! All that and more on today’s Bum Of My Bends Bead Bomics!

Who says a podcast has to be good??


Some of My Friends Read Comics 005 – Captain America by Jim Steranko

Ready for some trippy 60’s comic book art? We sure are, and you can bet your American flag that Steve Rogers is too! For only three issues in 1969, Jim Steranko infused Captain America with a dose of Salvador Dali and delivered some of the coolest, most surreal, early Marvel issues we’ve ever seen.

Join us as we talk about the (first) time Cap faked his own death in Captain America 110, 111, and 113.

After the break, check out some more of Steranko’s amazing art!

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