All My Friends Are Right Here 063 – Ranking the X-Men Movies


X-Men: Apocalypse comes out this week, and to celebrate the X-Men film series’ Sweet 16, we’re ranking the previous 5 X-Men films (and discussing the 3 spinoff films).  What’s the worst?  What’s the best?

Also, who’s really to blame for the failure of The Last Stand (which turns 10 years old today)? And we discuss screenwriter Simon Kinberg’s penchant for burning bridges (in both The Last Stand and Apocalypse).  And what X-Man would be the best Pokémon?


AMFARH 032 – The Pitch Room: Always the Groom


Ever wonder how big time Hollywood movies get made? Well, hopefully not like this!

This week Kia and Michael put on their producer hats and try to build the perfect romantic comedy by soliciting ideas from a panel of Tinsel Town’s best and brightest.

Along the way, they’ll answer burning questions like: Is America ready for Ian McKellen as a rom com heroine? Are seals funnier than lions? And how good would a stripped-down piano version of “I Really Like You” sound?