AMFARH 012 – Furious 7 Recap


In this week’s special b-b-b-onus-s-s episode, we take a spoiler-filled look at the biggest movie in the world: Furious 7.

We also talk about 32-year-old high schooler students, our hopes and fears for Fast & Furious V8, and whether there is such a thing as an egregious amount of butts.

Spoilers ahead!

This week we also have a special fan contest! Please draw a picture of Michael, Scott, Dylan, and Vince as the Fast and Furious crew and post it in the comments below, email it to, or tweet it to @wererighthere!

AMFARH 012 – Furious 7 Recap

AMFARH 010 – Fast and Furious Franchise


On the eve of Furious 7’s release, Michael, Dylan, Richard, and Vince look at all six movies in the Fast & Furious franchise to see how the films evolved from “Point Break with Cars” into “Ocean’s Eleven with Cars”.

Along the way, we’ll learn how many times is NOS used?  How many times is the word “family” said?  When did “Ride or Die” become a thing?  All this and more in our blistering run through the Fast & Furious franchise.

Also, please welcome Richard on his first appearance on the show.  It was a blast having him on.

AMFARH 010 – Fast and Furious Franchise