Some of My Friends Read Comics 132 – Green Lantern/Green Arrow: Hard Travelin’ Heroes + JLA/Avengers #1

This week on the show, we remember Dennis O’Neil with a look back at his run with Neal Adams on Green Lantern from 1970, in which he explored a few topics that superheroes didn’t often tackle.

Green Lantern shared the spotlight with Green Arrow to start their “Hard Travelin’ Heroes” Era, and we read issues 76-81. After that we jumped into another DC/Marvel team-up with the first issue of JLA/Avengers from 2003.


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Some of My Friends Read Comics 123 – Batman & Ra’s Al Ghul + Marvels: Eye of the Camera #3


It’s finally time for us to cover one of Batman’s greatest villains: a leopard! (Actually, it’s Ra’s al Ghul, but the fight with the leopard looked cooler).

We take a look at Old Ghoulie’s first appearance in Batman 232 and then his first rise from a Lazarus Pit in issues 243 and 244. All by Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams.

And do we have to keep mentioning Marvels: Eye of the Camera? We’re on issue 3.


Next Time: Sandman Vol 4: Seasons of Mist (Issues 21-28)

Some of My Friends Read Comics 101 – Detective Comics 1000 & 27 + Secret Wars 11


Detective Comics just released their milestone 1000th issue, so of course we had to read it! But of course we had to take a look back in time and visit the first appears of Batman aka “The Bat-Man” in Detective Comics #27 as well.

Did Detective Comics #1000 do better or worse than Action Comics #1000?

Then we approach the end of Secret Wars with issue #11.


Next Time: Avengers Forever (1998) 1-6 + Secret Wars Finale!

Some of My Friends Read Comics 099 – Kree-Skrull War Part 2 + Secret Wars 9


We continue our last episode by finishing off the Kree Skrull War from Avengers 94-97.

We’re not entirely sure when the war started, but we do know that a fake senator (alien in disguise!) is trying to take down the Avengers by making the public scared of aliens. Bad move, dude.

And then the Inhumans show up?

We’re also nearing the end of Secret Wars with issue 9.


Next Time: We celebrate our 100th episode with Batman: Year 100!

Some of My Friends Read Comics 098 – Kree-Skrull War Part 1 + Secret Wars 8


We’ve been talking about a lot of “Event” comics recently, and this week we’re going back to what could arguable be called the first big Marvel event, the Kree-Skrull War from Avengers 89-97.

We’re splitting it up into two parts, reading issues 89-93 this time, plus the continuation of our Secret Wars read with issue 8.

Two different Marvel events in one episode?

They said it couldn’t be done.


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Panel of the Week


Some of My Friends Read Comics 024 – Superman vs. Muhammad Ali


Ladies and gentlemen and aliens, tonight’s heavyweight qualifier match is coming to you LIVE from the planet Bodace and will determine the fate of our galaxy.

In the red corner, from the planet Krypton, weighing in at 235 lbs, it’s Superman! And in the blue corner, from the planet Earth, weighing in at 236 lbs, Muhammad Ali! (Really Google? Superman weighs less than Ali?)

Michael joins us at ringside to fill in our gaps of sports knowledge as we read Superman vs Muhammad Ali from 1978!

Let’s get ready to ruuuuuummmmble!


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