Some of My Friends Read Comics 101 – Detective Comics 1000 & 27 + Secret Wars 11


Detective Comics just released their milestone 1000th issue, so of course we had to read it! But of course we had to take a look back in time and visit the first appears of Batman aka “The Bat-Man” in Detective Comics #27 as well.

Did Detective Comics #1000 do better or worse than Action Comics #1000?

Then we approach the end of Secret Wars with issue #11.


Next Time: Avengers Forever (1998) 1-6 + Secret Wars Finale!

Some of My Friends Read Comics 068 – The Flash: Iron Heights


Geoff Johns has been one of the important modern writers for DC, so it’s about time we talked about him.

Before becoming one of the main architects of their universe, he made a name for himself by writing The Flash in the early 2000’s. He capped off his first year of that run with a one-shot called Iron Heights, drawn by Ethan Van Sciver, set in the prison where The Flash’s rogues’ gallery is kept.

We heard it was great, but did we hear correctly? Join us to find out!


Next Time: Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire!