Some of My Friends Read Comics 068 – The Flash: Iron Heights


Geoff Johns has been one of the important modern writers for DC, so it’s about time we talked about him.

Before becoming one of the main architects of their universe, he made a name for himself by writing The Flash in the early 2000’s. He capped off his first year of that run with a one-shot called Iron Heights, drawn by Ethan Van Sciver, set in the prison where The Flash’s rogues’ gallery is kept.

We heard it was great, but did we hear correctly? Join us to find out!


Next Time: Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire!

Some of My Friends Read Comics 067 – Kingdom Come


Justice League’s almost out, but we had the brilliant idea of reading about the FUTURE JLA from Alex Ross and Mark Waid’s Kingdom Come in 1996. A beautifully painted miniseries where the only characters that matter are Superman and Batman.

Turns out it’s barely about the Justice League. Whoops! But hey, at least it’s pretty.


Next time: The Flash: Iron Heights by Geoff Johns & Ethan Van Sciver

Some of My Friends Read Comics 004 – JLA by Grant Morrison

In 1997, frustrated with struggling sales, DC cancelled all four of their Justice League titles and brought the original “Big 7” back to the team for the first time in a decade. But that wasn’t enough, they also brought on superstar writer Grant Morrison to turn the reboot into a huge bestseller.

In this episode of SOMFRC, Vince, Chris, and Kia take a look at JLA #1-4 to see what the hype was all about, compare the JLA to the Avengers, and explore Morrison’s jump from writing counter-cultural indie comics to superhero icons.