Some of My Friends Read Comics 062 – Promethea by Alan Moore


Not sure what to read? There’s always more Moore! We continue our tour of Alan Moore’s ABC imprint with Promethea, his take on a female warrior goddess hero.

But if you’re expecting Wonder Woman, think again.

In classic Moore fashion, we end up with a story that pushes the boundaries of the imagination with artwork by J.H. Williams III bringing that vision to life.

Join us as we read Promethea #1-6.


Next time: Marvel Knights 1-6

Some of My Friends Read Comics 055 – Wonder Woman by George Perez


There’s a Wonder Woman movie coming out, so we read some Wonder Woman comics because that’s how these things work.

We decided on George Perez’s 1987 reboot, filled to the tippy top with Greek gods, evil body doubles, and really creepy banshee lady.

Join us for Wonder Woman #1-6!


Some of My Friends Read Comics 004 – JLA by Grant Morrison

In 1997, frustrated with struggling sales, DC cancelled all four of their Justice League titles and brought the original “Big 7” back to the team for the first time in a decade. But that wasn’t enough, they also brought on superstar writer Grant Morrison to turn the reboot into a huge bestseller.

In this episode of SOMFRC, Vince, Chris, and Kia take a look at JLA #1-4 to see what the hype was all about, compare the JLA to the Avengers, and explore Morrison’s jump from writing counter-cultural indie comics to superhero icons.