Some of My Friends Read Comics 063 – Marvel Knights


For this episode, we’re reading Marvel’s comic about all their street-level heroes teaming up, The Defenders! … wait…no, Marvel Knights!

It’s like the Defenders TV show except all the characters are different. Well that’s not totally true, Daredevil is there.

And The Punisher fights a weird giant spider-person.

Just listen to the episode, it’ll all make sense.


Next Time: Annihilation 1-6!

Some of My Friends Read Comics 015 – Alias: The Underneath (AKA Jessica Jones)


Jessica Jones is almost on Netflix! We’re pumped but we didn’t want to accidentally spoil anything, so we read a story from her debut series, Alias, that definitely won’t have anything to do with the show.

In issues 16-21, Jessica runs around looking for Spider-Woman (Women?), she sleeps with Ant-Man (Paul Rudd?), and she’s gotta deal with that idiot, Speedball, and his dumb balls bouncing all over the place (????).

Not only that, but we throw in b-b-b-bonus issue #10 where she scams J. Jonah Jameson and the Daily Bugle. Classic Jessica.