Some of My Friends Read Comics 063 – Marvel Knights


For this episode, we’re reading Marvel’s comic about all their street-level heroes teaming up, The Defenders! … wait…no, Marvel Knights!

It’s like the Defenders TV show except all the characters are different. Well that’s not totally true, Daredevil is there.

And The Punisher fights a weird giant spider-person.

Just listen to the episode, it’ll all make sense.


Next Time: Annihilation 1-6!

Some of My Friends Read Comics 047 – Black Panther by Christopher Priest


Can you believe the Black Panther is getting his own movie? Twenty years ago, most people had never even heard of him and now everyone’s going crazy for him!

To see where his rise began, we’re reading the late 90s reboot that put him on the map, written by Christopher Priest with beautiful painted art by Mark Texeira who is NOT the 1st baseman for the Texas Rangers.

Join us as we check out the first five issues!