All My Friends Are Right Here 053 – The Best of the Worst


We make fun of a lot of people on ALL MY FRIENDS ARE RIGHT HERE, but that’s not always fair.  Most of our much-maligned creators have done good work.  And on this episode, we’re going to find the BEST OF THE WORST!

What’s the best Joel Schumacher film?  What’s the best Limp Bizkit song?  Why are all of Kia’s friends talking about “50 First Dates”?

Also, what “Full House” characters correspond to the characters in “Hamlet”?


Correction: I said Ben Affleck gave Matt Damon “Bourne Identity” because he had just made an amnesiac thriller.  It was actually the opposite.  Damon had just done “Bourne Identity” and was offered “Paycheck” soon afterwards.  Damon recommended Affleck take “Paycheck”.

AMFARH 025 – The Perfect TGIF Lineup


It’s a rare condition in this day and age to hear any good news on the News Podcasts page. That’s why this week all your friends are traveling back to a simpler time, a time when the whole family could gather round the television for TGIF.

Each panelist will try their hand at pitching the perfect lineup of TGIF shows, with only one being awarded the coveted Friday night slot. Topics include: disappearing sitcom family children, weird times for puppets, and the enduring legacy of Narl.

Thank Goodness It’s Funny!

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