All My Friends Are Right Here 046 – The Best (and Worst) of the Coen Brothers


With their new film Hail, Caesar! on the horizon, the guys sit down to talk about the work of Joel and Ethan Coen.

Aside from generally gushing about their favorite sibling filmmakers, they’ll answer tough questions like: Is The Ladykillers an underrated movie? Did No Country For Old Men actually deserve the Best Picture Oscar? And did Jeff Bridges create the Dude, or did the Dude create Jeff Bridges?


AMFARH 011 – Tim Allen vs. John Goodman


Because you DEMANDED it!

Every day, people beg us to do an episode about Tim Allen and John Goodman.  I don’t know why that iis, but it’s frequently the most requested episode.  Today, we’re finally gonna dive deep and determine – whose career is best: Tim Allen or John Goodman?

From their 90s sitcoms to their Pixar adventures and everywhere in-between, join all my friends to talk Allen and Goodman in this sure-to-be fan favorite episode!