Some of My Friends Read Comics 152 – Squadron Supreme: Death of a Universe + Amazing Spider-Man #5

It’s time to revisit our favorite super fascists in Squadron Supreme: Death of a Universe, a one-shot from the Marvel Graphic Novel line that came out 5 years after the original series.

Turns out this takes place A WEEK after the original series. We’ll see the team realize the error of their ways and… fight a giant hand from outer space? 

Then we moved onto Amazing Spider-Man #5 where Doctor Doom really botches a kidnapping.


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Some of My Friends Read Comics 147 – Monica Rambeau Origins + Squadron Supreme #12

How many of the Captain Marvels have we talked about? We’ve talked about Mar-Vell and Carol Danvers, but Monica Rambeau hasn’t really come up that often, at least not as Captain Marvel.

With her being featured recently in WandaVision, we thought we’d take a look at her first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 and then the Captain Marvel one-shot from 1989.

And then it’s finally time for Squadron Supreme #12! Final issue! Big fight! Lots of deaths!


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Some of My Friends Read Comics 146 – Superman: The Wedding Album + Squadron Supreme # 11

Wedding bells are in the air!

We’re going back to the mid-90’s when Lois and Clark got married in the comics as well as on TV! We read Superman: The Wedding Album, a one-shot from 1996 which tells the whole story in a pretty self-contained issue.

We also get to some more questionable moral choices in Squadron Supreme #11 as we get really close to the end!


Next Time: Monica Rambeau’s origins in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 and Captain Marvel (1989) #1

Some of My Friends Read Comics 145 – Avengers West Coast (aka What Happened to Scarlet Witch & Vision’s Kids) + Squadron Supreme #10

Babyhands. This dude has babies for hands. I know this was supposed to be about Wanda and Vision and their weird magic babies or whatever, but as soon as this guy came on the scene he stole the whole damn show like he stole those babies. BABYHANDS. 

This was from West Coast Avengers 50-52 and 56-57, which was a strange selection of issues.

Over in Squadron Supreme #10, we get some spies on the team!

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Some of My Friends Read Comics 143 – Batman: Slayride & Christmas with the Joker + Squadron Supreme #8

It’s still December, we’ve been told, which means we’re legally obligated to continue covering Christmas comics. But we broke the rules and did a cartoon too! Take that!

We went with Paul Dini’s “Slayride” in Detective Comics #826 as well as the “Christmas with the Joker” episode of Batman: The Animated Series. 

And then we continued Squadron Supreme with issue #8, in which we get an actual honest to goodness superhero fight.


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Some of My Friends Read Comics 139 – Tales from the Crypt + Squadron Supreme #4

We wanted to read some classic horror to celebrate the spookyseason so we dug up some of the original Tales From The Crypt comics from 1950.

Actually, we read the first issues (#17-19) called Crypt Of Terror before they changed the name. It was some weird crime stuff before that, I know it’s confusing, just listen to the episode and everything will be okay.

Until we continue our read of Squadron Supreme with #4 in which everything is definitely NOT okay.


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Some of My Friends 138 – Black Panther: DoomWar + Squadron Supreme #3

What’s that Doctor Doom scamp trying to steal this time? Oh, it’s all the vibranium in Wakanda. Yikes. We read DoomWar from 2010 in which he succeeds?!?!?! Oh no.

And wait until you see which Deadpool character named Deadpool shows up to help the Black Panther out, it’s a real shocker.

We also read Squadron Supreme #3 and got some pretty unacceptable behavior from one of them old boys.


Next Time: Tales from the Crypt #17-19 (found in the Tales from the Crypt: The EC Archives Vol 1)

Some of My Friends Read Comics 137 – The Boys + Squadron Supreme #2

The Boys is a show. It seems to be a pretty popular one, so we read the comic book by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson that inspired it. This was an unwise decision. The levels of sex and gore in these pages had us questioning if we had become our own moms.

We moved onto Squadron Supreme #2 as quickly as we could.


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Some of My Friends Read Comics 136 – Rat Queens + Squadron Supreme #1

They’re not rats and they’re technically not queens, they’re Rat Queens! A band of D&D-esque adventurers in a D&D-esque world just starting fights everywhere they go. We read the first volume of this Image title.

And then we begin our long read of Mark Gruenwald’s Squadron Supreme from 1984, which is some nice escapist fiction about fixing our broken brainwashed government.


Next Time: The Boys: The Name of the Game by Garth Ennis & Darick Robertson