AMFARH 007 – Bond, James Bond


It’s time for some martinis, girls, and guns in this special double-length episode as Vince, Scott, Brandon, and Dylan find out why nobody does it better than James Bond 007.

In this episode, All My Friends ask the tough questions like, “Who played James Bond best?”, “Who is more deserving of the Timmy D nickname – Timothy Dalton or Tim Duncan?”, and “What if Adam West had been cast as Bond?”

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Corrections and Omissions
After we posted, I discovered that Kevin McClory had nothing to do with the 6-year gap between License to Kill and Goldeneye.  There were contract disputes, but they were about foreign distribution rights.

I also apologize for not mentioning that Liam Neesons almost got cast as Bond instead of Pierce Brosnan.

AMFARH 007 – Bond, James Bond

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