Some of My Friends Read Comics 044 – Great Lakes Avengers and GLX-Mas


It’s the mid-2000’s revival that nobody asked for! But hot damn was it amazing. It’s Squirrel Girl! And she joined the Great Lakes Avengers in a little miniseries called GLA: Misassembled.

But then they became the GLX (because X-Men, duh) and so then there was a GLX-Mas one-shot special and we just went ahead and read the whole damn thing.

There’s a death in every single issue, surely that will put you in the holiday spirit!


Some of My Friends Read Comics 042 – Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.


Nextwave! A little Marvel series you’ve maybe never heard of that’s generated quite a bit of a cult following. Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen take us on a wild ride that manages to both celebrate and parody everything we love about superhero comics.

We read the first 6 issues, join us to find out if we exploded!


Some of My Friends Read Comics 037 – Justice League International


This week, we go back to the late 1980s — a time when most comics were trying to imitate that Frank Miller & Alan Moore were bringing with Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen.


Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis attempt to re-form DC’s flagship book as a humorous, light-hearted funny book. Is it successful?  Help us decide as we read JLI 7-13!


Some of My Friends Read Comics 033 – Past Eisner Award Winners


It’s our 2016 Eisner Pre-Show Spectacular! As we gear up for the awards, we take a look at three past winners of the “Best Single Issue” award. Astro City #4 from 1996, Tom Strong #1 from 2000, and Hawkeye #11 from 2014.

We also read one of this year’s nominees, Silver Surfer #11, and we would have read them all but indie comics can be hard to find sometimes!

We talk about all four of these very different stories and decide if they were indeed worthy of the coveted Eisner award. And we don’t agree!



Announcing Our Newest Show: Some of My Friends Read Comics

Chris, Kia, and Vince are happy to announce the launch of “Some of My Friends Read Comics”, the newest show to the All My Friends Are Right Here Network.

Search for “Some of My Friends Read Comics” on iTunes or your favorite podcast service!


In our first episode, we take a look at Daredevil: Born Again from Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli.  Big bad nurses, stabby Santas, and bowling balls to the head. It’s all right here in Born Again.

We follow Matt Murdock as he gets more paranoid than we’ve ever seen him before and falls into a deep pit of depression. But hey, can you blame the guy? You’d be a wreck too if the Kingpin discovered your secret identity and dismantled your entire life.

Chris, Vince, and Kia go through this story and discuss classic villain tropes, comparisons to Batman, and decide once and for all whether it really deserves to be called a classic. All without giving away any spoilers for the new Netflix series, we promise!

If you want to read it for yourself, you can grab a digital version of this 7-issue story for $4.99 at Comixology, read it with your Marvel Unlimited subscription, or just grab it from Amazon.