Saturday Night Love S42E05 – Benedict Cumberbatch


This week, SNL is hosted by one of the sexiest men alive?

Topics Covered: How did Aidy Bryant get that role as the dead bachelorette who gets face-humped by Benedict Cumberbatch? How great is Cecily Strong doing this year? And Vince is confronted with the possibility that Church Lady was never funny.


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Best Sketch of the Night: Why is Benedict Cumberbatch Hot? (sorry, not on YouTube!)

Saturday Night Love S42E04 – Tom Hanks


Well, well, well!  Tom Hanks hosted a great episode of Saturday Night Live this past weekend!  David S. Pumpkins did his thang, Trump & Clinton completed their final debate, and Vanessa Bayer hated being the cheese!

Join us for a recap of an episode for the ages on SATURDAY NIGHT LOVE!


Best Sketch of the Night

Whoops!  Our best sketch was not put on YouTube. On a night full of great sketches, we had a hard decision, but we ultimately went for “Broken” because of the great character work and conflicting sketch goals.

Funny New Comedy:

Saturday Night Love S42E03 – Emily Blunt


SATURDAY NIGHT LOVE is back this week to cover Emily Blunt’s episode!  Find our thoughts on ooey gooey quesadillas, missed Kevin Roberts opportunities, and the deal with all those 3’s.

Also, we play some “EB Games” and have some real blunt talk about SNL!


Best Sketch of the Night

Saturday Night Love S42E01 – Margot Robbie


SATURDAY NIGHT LOVE is back for another wonderful year of Saturday Night Live coverage!  This week, Kia and Vince look at Margot Robbie’s episode, an episode filled with a bunch of dumb premises executed well.


The Best Skit of the Night honors this week go to “Action News – Hot Wife”!

All My Friends Are Right Here 073 – The Best SNL Presidents


SPECIAL CROSSOVER EPISODE WITH SATURDAY NIGHT LOVE!!  Vince and Kia rate and review every SNL presidential character.

From Chevy Chase’s Gerald Ford to Dana Carvey’s George H.W. Bush to Jay Pharaoh’s Barack Obama, we cover every single time they covered sitting presidents.

We even dive deep into Michael McKean’s tenure as Bill Clinton and friend-of-the-show Randy Quaid’s Ronald Reagan!  And some notable candidates who didn’t get the highest office, like Dana Carvey’s Ross Perot and Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin!

So you’ll definitely want to check out this week’s podcast.  It’s great!  It’s fantastic!  You’ve never seen a podcast like it!


Saturday Night Love Special – Best of Season 41 Spectacular


We’ve reached the end of this season of SATURDAY NIGHT LOVE!!  And Saturday Night Live, I guess.

All season, we’ve been picking the best skit of every night in hopes of finding the best skit of Season 41.  Along the way, we’ve compiled a great list of 21 skits that showcase how good SNL still is.

So please go to our YouTube page (All My Friends Are Right Here) and listen along as we pick our favorites!


Saturday Night Love S41E21 – Fred Armisen


Fred Armisen finishes out Season 41 with a bang!  Weird Lewis & Clark plays, high school theatre troupes, and Dead Poets Society parodies galore!

It took until the season finale for our predictions to finally come true (Digital Short promoting Andy Samberg’s new movie, Fred Armisen foregoes a comedy skit for a song with his famous friends).

Also, average-sized Kia wonders if tall people hitting fans is really a thing (Tall Vince says “Yes”).


Best Skit of the Night

Prepare for the End of Season Spectacular!

Also, while SNL Season 41 may be over, we’re not done yet!  We still promised you we’d have an “end of the season spectacular” where we pick the best skit of the season.  That’ll be a new episode in a few weeks.

Visit or to see the playlist for our best skits of the night!

Weirdly, “Miley Wedding Tape” isn’t available on YouTube.  But we’ve compiled a YouTube playlist for all the other best skits of the night!

Saturday Night Love S41E20 – Drake


SATURDAY NIGHT LOVE returns with Drake doing double-duty as host and musical guest!

Kate McKinnon killed it as Olya; Jay Pharaoh had an amazing episode rife with many characters; and Drake realizes people only like him for memes!

Also, find out what skit most appealed to Vince’s two-year-old son!


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Saturday Night Love S41E19 – Brie Larson


Academy Award Winner Brie Larson storms the Saturday Night Live stage for a special Mother’s Day episode of SATURDAY NIGHT LOVE!

Meanwhile, Vince explains that you should never point out if your mom or your wife has a “Mom” haircut (and trust us, he speaks from experience!).  Also, we plug a plucky little podcast called “This American Life” (like and subscribe to that show – they need your help)!


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